50 Valentine Gift Ideas for Him

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50 Valentine Gift Ideas for Him
This post contains Affiliate Links.

My hubby is extremely hard to buy for. If he wants something, he usually buys it himself, so I spend a lot of time taking things back cause he’s beat me to the punch. So I decided to see what I could find out in internet-land that would help me choose something for him for Valentine’s Day. Here are 50 Valentine Gift Ideas for your man…

ONE | Initial Cuff Links
TWO | Leather Watch Case
THREE | Beer Tasting Glass Set

FOUR | Golf Flask
FIVE | Men’s Leather Change Valet Tray
SIX | Men’s Robe

SEVEN | Messenger Bag
EIGHT | Men’s Mocassin Slippers
NINE | Wallet

TEN | Power Charger for the Car
ELEVEN | Leather Gloves
TWELVE | Baseball Desktop Game

THIRTEEN | LifeProof Waterproof Case for iPad
FOURTEEN | Weekender Bag
FIFTEEN | Personalized Wine Barrel Home Sign

SIXTEEN | Non-Electric iPhone Speaker
SEVENTEEN | Beer Holster
EIGHTEEN | Comedy Movies

NINETEEN | Men’s Watch
TWENTY | Books
TWENTY ONE | Beer Making Kit

TWENTY TWO | GorillaPod
TWENTY THREE | Concert Tickets
TWENTY FOUR | Cooking Lessons

TWENTY FIVE | Flight Experience
TWENTY SIX | Major Scale Musical Wine Glasses
TWENTY SEVEN | Stone Drink Dispenser

TWENTY EIGHT | Moleculer Gastronomy Kit
TWENTY NINE | Wooden Beer Tote with Bottle Opener
THIRTY | Ballpark Blueprint

THIRTY ONE | F Bomb Paperweight
THIRTY TWO | Guitar Pick Punch

THIRTY FOUR | Corkcicle Chillsner Beer Chiller
THIRTY FIVE | Baseball Bat Bottle Opener
THIRTY SIX | Tire Snack Bowl With Hubcap Lid

THIRTY SEVEN | Chrome Plated Gear-Shift Wine Bottle Stopper
THIRTY EIGHT | Whiskey Stones
THIRTY NINE | Never Soggy Cereal Bowl

FORTY | The Man Cave Book
FORTY ONE | Shave Kit
FORTY TWO | Man Candles

FORTY THREE | Pallet Coasters
FORTY FOUR | Beer Soap
FORTY FIVE | JerkyGrams

FORTY SIX | Portable Folding Hammock
FORTY SEVEN | Camera Lens for Smartphone
FORTY EIGHT | Duck Dynasty: Seasons 1-3 Collectors Set

FORTY NINE | Helicopter
FIFTY | Stainless Steel Grill Set

Pink Heels Pink Truck

Pink Heels Pink Truck Pink Heels Pink Truck Pink Heels Pink Truck Pink Heels Pink Truck Pink Heels Pink Truck Pink Heels Pink Truck Pink Heels Pink Truck

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  1. says


    I’m in your SITS girls tribe. I am just staying by to say “Hello” and I look forward to reading your posts. These are great gift ideas.


  2. says

    Hey Taylor! These are some wonderful ideas! I was JUST telling my roommate last night that I have no idea what to get for my man, the man who has everything, it seems! I will most likely end up using one of these ideas.

    Thanks for sharing girly! :-)

    – Sarah @ A Dash of Sarah

  3. says

    I always wait until the last minute to pick out my husband’s gift. You have my wheels turning now. I do have to wonder if V Day is for women AND men, lol. This is a constant debate in our house.


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