Video Letter to the Count

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Dear Count (aka Count’s Kustoms),

Hey there! Taylor here from Pink Heels Pink Truck. So my hubby and I are fans of your show. We’re both classic car lovers and are currently in restoration mode of a 1969 Camaro (his) and a 1954 GMC 100 Longbed Truck (mine). My truck was a gift from my hubby for my 30th birthday a few years ago. His camaro was purchased as a frame-off restoration purchased about 5 years ago. My truck has been best supporting actress to his Camaro ever since we brought her home.

Pink Heels Pink Truck's 1954 GMC Pickup Truck

Well, I take that back. When we first brought her home, we immediately dismantled her. Purchased a frame swap kit from EZ Chassis Swaps and bought a donor truck (Chevy S10) to rob the needed parts from. We got as far as installing the frame swap kit, getting my body pieces to a media blasting shop and then body work done. But all that happened nearly 3 years ago. And my truck has sat in pieces since.

I think it’s because of the color I want to paint my truck. As you can see…my blog is called Pink Heels Pink Truck. I am a lover of all things Pink. And ever since I received that truck for my birthday, I have wanted to paint her pink. I cannot tell you how many times my hubby has tried (desperately) for me to change my mind and pick another color. But I’m not having it. My truck will be Pink. Not pepto pink though. I created my brand around that truck being Pink and somehow, some way, she’s going to be Pink.

Here’s my Video Letter…

It’s been hell on heels a few times with this truck. I remember when I first started searching for how to modernize her a bit (ie make it easier for me to drive because honestly a 3-on-the-tree and no power steering was just not going to fly) I found a GM Truck Restoration forum. I read and read and read through the forums searching for someone doing something similar. I learned about 2 different frame swap companies but only one was actively in business at the time. I remember being extremely careful with how I worded my request for help and advice but it still landed me on the chopping block with some fellow Texan. This man ripped me up, down, backwards, forwards about how I was going to ruin my truck and that the forums were for restoration people only. Boy howdy…that wasn’t a fun thing to read. Especially as I tried real hard to word my request so as not to offend anyone.

But then a couple of men jumped to my rescue and told me to never let anyone tell me what I can and can’t do with my truck. So I gave that man a virtual finger and moved on.

So, let’s get on with why I’m reaching out to you via my blog. I’m tired of being stuck in a rut with lots of things consistently going wrong in my world. My hubby and I have worked our way out of several holes to where we are now. We’ve received zero handouts in getting here. We’ve learned from our mistakes and try really hard to never make the same mistake twice. We have a business that will be debt free by the end of this year.

But it’s like I personally can’t catch a break. When I was 24 (I’m about to be 33), I lost my mom to non-smoker’s lung cancer (she was 53). When I was 26, I lost my dad’s father. When I was 28, I lost my mom’s parents 14 days a part (married nearly 71 years…he went first and she couldn’t live without him). When I was 30, I lost my brother (who was 26) to an accidental overdose of Xanax. Last year, we had a tornado hit our neighborhood. In January of this year, a lady ran into our perimeter fence of our car lot and just left her car there. We had to call the police the next morning when we opened up because this wrecked car (still partially attached to our fence) was blocking our entrance. She didn’t think she should have to pay for her damages because she didn’t do it on purpose, someone else pushed her into our fence. Turns out, she was an excluded driver on the insurance policy so we were SOL on recovering the damages.

Two weeks later, I get a phone call at 1am from my security company telling me that my alarm was going off and oh by the way, the police said you have a fire at your shop. I hung up with them only to be immediately called by the police to tell me that yes, there is a fire. The fire marshall concluded that the neighbor kids who were in the backyard when the fireman showed up were the culprits. Their father had no insurance. My hubby’s car was inside our shop at the time of the fire with very little insurance on it because it was still not a “running and driving automobile”. We nearly lost everything. Our business, our cars, our inventory. Everything.

Last week, my hubby and I were in my Honda Accord coupe heading to Gander Mtn. and traffic decided to suddenly stop. The lady in the Suburban behind us missed the memo and rear-ended us. Whiplash is no joke. Thankfully she did have insurance.

Yes, I have my health. Yes, I have a roof over my head. Yes, I have an amazing job. Yes, I have a healthy husband. Yes, I have my dad and grandmother. Yes, I have extended family still on this earth. But I miss my mom, I miss my grandparents who’ve passed, I miss my brother who was only 3 years younger than me. I’m tired of all the insurance battles. I just want something to go right for a change. I need awesome in my life. Like I need awesome to just start coming from every which way. I need my truck running and driving. And I need her painted pink.

“The girl who pulls up her big girl panties in the blogging world and always rolls out her own red carpet.”

(translation…if you don’t try, you’ll always be asking what if)

Pink Heels Pink Truck

Pink Heels Pink Truck Pink Heels Pink Truck Pink Heels Pink Truck Pink Heels Pink Truck Pink Heels Pink Truck Pink Heels Pink Truck Pink Heels Pink Truck

#bloggingedumacation: Vlogging Tips & Tricks

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#bloggingedumacation - VLOGS

What is a VLOG?
A video blog.

What type of VLOGs can you find?

Journal-type vlogs, DIY (how-tos for crafts, beauty, fashion, food) vlogs, Product Reviews and Recipe vlogs.

A journal-type vlog

Why should you VLOG?

1. Your readers get a chance to hear the voice behind your blog. That connection is a powerful one. After I hear a blogger speak in a Vlog, I can now “hear” them as I’m reading their posts. I hear them smile, I hear them laugh. I know how they might be saying something in a particular sentence. By adding your voice, you open up your full personality to your blog.
2. If you write sponsored posts, Vlogging opens up so many other doors for you if you choose to vlog about your experience. Basically you create a mini-commercial for a brand. Currently most brands aren’t requiring vlogs. But I can see that trend increasing because the message is so much louder with a video than with just a written post. I’ll explain why in just a moment.
3. People are more likely to watch a tutorial on something if there is a video available. I’ll explain this tidbit below, too.
4. Because it’s fun! And the more you practice, the easier it gets (and the less scary). Remember, it’s just you and the camera (unless your vlogging with other people are around).

A Tutorial Vlog

The number one thing to remember when Vlogging is to be yourself. Be your authentic-self. People will know when you are on for show and when you are really being yourself. Very rarely am I ever scripted when I’m vlogging. I think the only time I was semi-scripted was when I put out a call on Twitter asking people to ask questions they’d like me to answer. And then of course I wrote down those questions so I wouldn’t forget them.

Product Review Vlog (also learned that holding my camera vertically produces the black space on each side…so make sure you flip your phone sideways for a full picture view)

Also, I very rarely re-take a vlog. Unless I screw up royally with my words, I keep going. I want people to know that I’m a real human and that I’m having fun. And that this is me and how I am in real life, so take that world. 😉 lol No seriously, I typically don’t re-take my videos.

How long should a Vlog be?
Unless you are providing a tutorial for something that has a step-by-step process or you are journal-vlogging, I’d keep your vlogs to under 3 minutes. But also in saying how long, your message must be interesting. If it’s interesting enough, people won’t care how long your video is. If you think your video is too long, break them up into Part 1, Part 2, etc.

What do you need to Vlog?
A camera and a device that can upload your videos to youtube (either your computer or your phone). Either your point and shoot (if it’s got video recording), your laptop/computer or your cell phone. If you have an iPhone, make sure you record with the iPhone sideways (horizontal). You’ll get full screen shooting that way and not have this crazy negative/black space on both sides of your video (which happens if you record while holding the phone vertically). I typically record my vlogs with either my laptop camera or my iPhone.

Do I need to edit my Vlogs?
Yes and No. It depends on what your intent is with your vlog. If it’s a journal-type vlog (where you just randomly talk about things), I wouldn’t do a whole lot of editing to that. I typically just hit the upload to youtube button and grab my embed code and paste it into my blog post. So all I have to do is create the vlog and upload it. Youtube has an app called Capture which allows you to record via their program or upload an existing video from your phone into their app for uploading.

If I edit my vlogs, what do I need?

On Windows: Windows Live Movie Maker
On Mac: iMovie

There are tons of tutorials on youtube that walk you through how to edit videos with both programs. So if you aren’t sure how to go about editing a video, go do some homework/research on youtube. :)

Now, let’s get to the good stuff.

Why you really should be vlogging….

YouTube Stats|Source|
These stats are from YouTube’s site. Read number #3 and #6 a couple of times and let that info sink into your brain.

You Tube Stats|Source| |Source|

There are 2 sources cited (from same website) in my graphic above. Most sites say that YouTube is the #2 Search Engine available. I would have to agree. If you look at the clip of me adding in YouTube’s numbers (it’s overlayed on the graphic above), it easily surpasses Bing and Yahoo to be right under Google. And honestly, I don’t think Google would have it any other way. Another reason, you need to jump on the Vlogging Bandwagon!

So you know why you need to vlog and all the reasons that go along with that (if I haven’t convinced you yet, re-read my post.) :) Now it’s time to start practicing. If you aren’t comfortable in front of a camera, practice. Unless you have someone videoing you, it’s typically just you and your camera. Practice until you are comfortable. Practice, practice, practice!

Setting up a YouTube channel is super easy! Hop to it! You can even set up a specific channel for your blog! So that there’s not any letters or your full name (pulled from your email) attached to your URL. By setting up a Blog specific channel, it actually creates a G+ page for your Blog at the same time. So when you log-in to YouTube, it’ll ask who you want to log in as.

For example:
Screen Shot 2013-09-23 at 5.02.52 PMFrom here, I can log-in to my YouTube channel as my blog.

When I first started vlogging, I was operating under my previous blog name. And unfortunately you cannot move videos to a different account. I haven’t had an opportunity to re-upload them to my current channel, but it’s on my to-do list! :)

You can subscribe to my YouTube Channel (cause you know you won’t want to ever miss any of my future vlogs!). If you have a YouTube channel, leave me the link in the comments and I’ll subscribe!

What questions do you have about Vlogging?? Leave them in the comments.

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Pink Heels Pink Truck

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