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Taylor Bradford - Lifestyle Blogger at Pink Heels Pink Truck

Hey y’all!! I’m Taylor and welcome to my lifestyle blog!! If you are new around these parts, welcome!! Pull up a chair and get to know my little world a bit more. :)

I am a 34 year old, Texas transplant who was born and raised in Arkansas. I moved to this great state in 1999 to attend college (TCU..Go FROGS!!) and I never looked back. I do miss the beautiful scenery of my home state, but I’ve grown roots in Texas and it looks like Texas will continue to be my “new” home.

So, what can you find within my lifestyle blog??

#NOEXCUSES™ Workouts
Crafts & DIY
Blogging Tips/Tricks
Book Reviews

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More about me…
I am a self-proclaimed wanna-be fashionista. I love shoes (especially heels)! I’m a fitness guru (Degreed and Certified) and I LOVE Crossfit. I LOVE to cook and create cocktails! I have creative juice running through my veins at all times. IRL I’m a Petroleum Landman, Used Car Lot Owner and Landlord. My projects include an online bookclub (#LITERARYJUNKIES), a Vintage Rental Company (Vintage Sparkle Rentals), my Podcast, Boss Girl Creative, and of course, my blog.

My life moto:

Roll out your own Red Carpet and keep your big girl panties pulled up high!

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