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Y’all, I am so excited to share with you all about my Style Session with the beautiful Shanna (she blogs at Because Shanna Said So). I have followed Shanna for awhile now and was soooo excited to see her take a leap of faith and offer herself up as a personal Style Consultant (that’s kind of fancy). 😉 I like to call them Style Sessions. And let me tell you…I got styled. Holla!!

Personal Style Consultation

My main reason for wanting her to help me was because I was feeling like I was losing some fashion inspiration within my own closet. I felt like I was repeating my pairings and I frankly just wanted a second set of eyes to look at my clothes and divine some more inspiration. Sure, I could look to pinterest, but I wanted the real thing. I wanted the in-person experience.

Personal Style Consultation

So, I contacted her. And we set a date. I was getting super excited about our meet-up! Not only was I going to be meeting her IRL for the very first time, but I was going to be hauling my wardrobe (plus my shoe wardrobe) to her. The virtual meeting was not going to cut it for me. I wanted her to see my clothes in person. To feel the textures. To experience the patterns. To learn what it was like to help someone that has very little accessories (unless you count my shoes…they are definitely my accessories to my outfits!)

Personal Style Consultation

So Tuesday, I loaded up my little gas-getter and headed her way. It took a few trips back and forth to my car to get everything unloaded and spread out. There were clothes and shoes everywhere! haha

Personal Style Session

We talked about what exactly I was looking for out of our session and decided that since I’m a jeans and heels kind of girl (don’t get me wrong, I’m a jeans and tshirt kind of girl on the weekends) that she’d style my jeans. And since I have a light pair of pink skinnies and a bright pair of pink skinnies she styled those as well. She worked with a pair of dressy, black capri’s. And then we rounded up with a fun coral red dress from Forever 21. So 4 staple pieces to style.

Personal Style Session

3 hours later we were finished. I would’ve kept going but had to drive back home. Boo for having to sleep. LOL (Actually I should say, 3 hours later, she was finished and I was only getting started as far as jabbering was concerned. LOL)

Style Session

I can’t wait until I can acquire a few more pieces and do it all over again!! 😉

Personal Style Session

Y’all this was the best experience EVER! I like to consider myself a wannabe-fashionista. I love dressing up my outfits with shoes. More specifically high heels. I enjoy being able to wear fun sassy clothes and shoes during the work week. It is such a confidence booster. I don’t care if I look absolutely ridiculous. If I like it, I’m going to wear it. No…strike that. I’m going to ROCK it.

Styled Outfit

All girls need to be able to feel confident in what they wear. It’s like our suit of armor. A little bit of protection from the cruelty in the world.

Here is the very first outfit that I have now worn (pics below). Do you see how I have 2 shoe options with this outfit…there are patterns to this people! 😉 And they are good ones!! So no matter the number that she created, I almost always have a few options with shoes!! Woot Woot!!!

Outfit Inspiration

Styled Outfit

Styled Outfit


And there you have it, folks. I got styled. And I am so excited about it!!! You totally need to set up your appointment ASAP! (You can go to her, she can come to you or she can style you virtually) You don’t want me to have all the fun now do you??

Pink Heels Pink Truck

Pink Heels Pink Truck Pink Heels Pink Truck Pink Heels Pink Truck Pink Heels Pink Truck Pink Heels Pink Truck Pink Heels Pink Truck Pink Heels Pink Truck

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  1. says

    Hey that’s actually a really cool idea! I could use a refreshed look into my closet too! Instead of just continuing to buy more new clothes…!

  2. Lauran says

    I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!! So glad you partook in Shanna’s services! I wish I could.. but living in VA prohibits me from getting to TX!!!

  3. says

    I’m seriously so jealous!! I feel the same way about the virtual thing. I want to use her sooo bad but I want her to be able to see texture of the clothes and how they feel, etc. If only I lived as close as you do :( I absolutely love the last pic! You look fabulous!

  4. says

    This is great!! I love your fashion/clothes posts – I’m not exactly a fashionista, I kind of stink at fashion to tell you the truth but you make it look so fun & easy!!

  5. AJ says

    YAY YAY YAY! It looks like a tornado went through your closet, but a master a work cannot be bothered with mess! I love the outfit and can’t wait to see what else she put together for you. And I’m still SO jealous that you got to meet her IRL!


  6. says

    okay, you convinced me.. I need this in my life in a bad way!!!!
    I spend wayyy too much time wondering what the heck I’m going wear.
    Love it!

  7. says

    You better WERK(!) with your new wardrobe. So glad you had so much fun together and that you have so many new outfits. You’ll have to keep posting outfit pics!


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