What did you miss?

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I just stayed up way too late. Like I’m not even going to tell you what time. I was chatting away with Jennifer (Busy Being Jennifer) and we just flat out forgot what time it was…LOL And before that I was chatting it up with Gayle (Grace for Gayle) until my hubby beeped in. I love talking with my bloggy friends!!! Gayle and I are running in the 5k Foam Fest tomorrow!! Eeeekkkk….I’m so excited!! Can’t wait to show y’all pics! :) Okay, so what did you miss from this week? Here’s my recap…

Bloggy LoveShowing y’all some bloggy love!!

On Sunday, I celebrated my birthday and gave you some of my favorite twitter related answers to the Sunday Social questions. Click here to read all about that.

Ohhh…did you see my recent “a few of my favorite things: beauty edition”?? Click here to read about some of my recent favorites.

Tuesday was all about my love of books…our Literary Junkies Link Party. There is still time to write up a post and link up! Click here to read all about my love of books!

Wednesday I decided a VLOG was long over due…click here to watch all my wonderfulness. :)

And yesterday I decided to teach you how to show some blog love. You can learn how to show the love by clicking here.

So that’s been my week in a nutshell. Lots of fun things happening around these parts. I’m saddened by the recent tragedy not only in Boston but also the explosion that occurred in a small town called West. Yes, when you here West, Texas…there is actually a small town called West. It’s 20 miles north of Waco, Texas. And no where near West Texas.

Happy Friday loves!! When you read my post again I’ll be talking ALL about my time playing in the foam and the mud! 😉

Any fun weekend plans??

PS…in my next VLOG, I’ll be answering your questions! So leave me a question and I’ll make sure I give you an answer!! And some blog love!!

Pink Heels Pink Truck

Pink Heels Pink Truck Pink Heels Pink Truck Pink Heels Pink Truck Pink Heels Pink Truck Pink Heels Pink Truck Pink Heels Pink Truck Pink Heels Pink Truck

How to Show Some Blog Love

This post may contain affiliate links. Purchasing through them help support this website.

#bloggingedumacation - Show your favorite bloggers some LOVE!! Learn some tips so you are a blog love pro!

We all appreciate receiving blog love. Like who doesn’t appreciate their readers reaching out and leaving comments. Or seeing our tweets being re-tweeted. Or receiving fun surprises. We all love blog love. It makes us think that what we are doing means something.

So I’ve decided to share with you some tips on how you can really show a blogger some love.

Tip 1
Subscribe to your favorite blogs either through RSS or Email or Bloglovin. Pick one that you know you’ll pay attention to and read! :) **See how I conveniently included my own links in there…lol**

Tip 2
Follow your favorite blogs across all their social media accounts! Interact with them on their social media channels. Really show your favorites that you appreciate the time they are putting into their blog/content.

Tip 3
Comment Comment Comment!! But make sure your comments are AUTHENTIC! Leaving something like “stopping by from the linkup, taylor http://pinkheelspinktruck.com” is not authentic. Actually read their post. Find something that you relate to and mention it in your comment. Be real. Be authentic. If you don’t have anything authentic to say about their post, just don’t say anything at all. But then go find them on twitter and tweet to them that you loved their post (but only if you really did!). If you aren’t comfortable writing a comment (maybe the post hit a little too close to home), then email the blogger. Then you can get personal without having others reading.

Tip 4
If you loved someone’s post…spread the love to all of your followers. Share!! Share!! Share!! Use those little share buttons that sit at the bottom of their posts. Pin a graphic to Pinterest. Or copy their link and send it out into the interwebs to all your people. Heck, you could even email the link to your friends! Or even better…have a conversation with your BFF and spread the love that way!
Just share! :)

So there you have it. If you do these 4 tips over and over, you will build your own community at the same time you are showing some blog love. I promise!!

How do you show blog love?

Read more of my #bloggingedumacation lessons here!!

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